How WSA expand Beauty Brand catalog to reach 7 figures with PPC Scaling Strategies

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Monthly Revenue Increased


SKUs Added


PPC Revenue Increased
The Brand

This Beauty Brand is selling makeup accessories products in the Amazon USA market. They are well known for their creative ideas in the audience and were doing 50,000 USD per month with 20 SKUs, including 4 parent Products

Beauty brand products
Graph chart on Amazon ads console

The Situation

We approached this brand back in Aug 2020, they were doing 50k USD per
month with 20 SKUs at that time but missing many opportunities, we shared our proposal for how they can grow the sales and their Catalogue, we really know their Potential.
They loved it!!!
They were selling skin beauty products in the North American market
They were making around 50k USD with around 20 SKUs

Catalog Expansion

Our Highly skilled Market researcher uses the Latest Tools and Techniques for deep Market Research.
They look for the Golden product in every aspect to minimize the Risk Probabilities

Brand Building & Sales Growth

Developing and revamping Amazon Store, all creative designs and top-notch Listing made the whole image of Brand Image for maximum conversions.

The Solution


Our Catalogue team ripped off the relevant niche, dig down many products that were approved by the client, and planned the whole Launch strategy, within a year we were able to add 50 more SKUs, that were selling good, and 18 SKUs were added into their catalog in past 3 months and still are in Ranking Phase


Our Advertisement experts started to launch the products within the planned time using different strategies, one of them was the Search terms isolation strategy, as we were building a Brand so our 40% budget of Ads spend was focused on Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display campaigns because this is where all customer engagement is maximum and we want to increase our visibility


Top-notch SEO was done to get the whole pool of search terms, High-End Listing content is prepared with real-life high-quality photos to maximize the conversions

Lipstick product of Brand
Graph chart comparison before and after


Monthly Revenue Increased


SKUs Added


PPC Revenue Increased

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