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Total Revenue Generated


Months of Launch
The Brand

Blazing Tail is a premium toy Brand offering in the Europe market. They were in reselling business for few years and decided to launch their own Private-Label Brand in Amazon France Market.

They have a few unique selling points that were utilized best in marketing strategy for the launching of their own brand and they nailed it!!!

Pokemon Cards
The Need

While they understand Reselling business but do not have a good grip on the Private-Label side.
Their Product nature is not very photogenic so we took this as a challenge.

They don’t have lifestyle photos and making lifestyle images from raw images is not an easy task. No one has good branding in the overall market and what customers are liking there is no data!!!

Brand’s main pain point was they don’t have anyone in their reference for proper amazon marketing launch to properly utilize their USPs in Launch and make a market gap.

They were already doing reselling business on Amazon but the real challenge is who to Collab with. They wanted a proper strategy.

Social listening

Finding what customers are looking for and what customers need is what our team are experts in!


Setting Mood Board and building proper Brand creatives is what we know best!!

Funnel Base Designing

Our Designer is not just simple photoshop expert but know how funnel-base design helps in proper hooking up customers

The Solution

We immediately carry out the social listening in the market and did some surveys to get an idea of what customers are liking and what customers are looking for

After we get a broad and narrow idea our designer starts working on the brand of this new Amazon Brand from Product Packaging to the Product’s A+ content

We set the mood board of the overall brand and all the creatives, build a store in creatives, and design all the creatives according to the marketing funneling concept to hook maximum customers

Our Copywriters do not just write words, they write a story of the brand and product and push the competition way back with their copywriting

Graph chart showing sales improving
Graph showing increasing sales and decreasing ACOS


Total Revenue Generated


Average ACOS maintained



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