How a pet brand increases its sales by 161% by maintaining 27% ACOS

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Increase in total Sales




ACOS Maintained


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The Brand

This Pet product brand was experiencing difficulty growing its ad sales for several months before reaching out to us. In 3 months we strategize the whole plan for growth and started implementing it in Aug 2020. After doing our detailed Audit we identified several missed opportunities

Pet dog in Bag

The Situation

They are trying everything but they are not doing it in the proper manner and strategy. They reach us to grow their business with profitability % maintained The main issue they are facing is conversion rate fluctuation which causes everything to not go in a proper trend

Ad sales growth

Dynamic bidding and increased traffic through more search terms increased sales.

Amazon Brand Development

Developing and revamping Amazon Store, all creative designs and top-notch Listing made the whole image of Brand Image for maximum conversions.

The Solution

Increasing Sales & Control ACoS

We were able to increase overall revenue by 161% in just 2 months of our strategy implementation. We were also able to maintain the ACoS of two months at around 22%. Till now overall account ACoS is around 27.78%

Brand Building & Creative Listings

Mainly Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display campaigns are used to acquire and retain new customers. 30% spend was focused mainly on acquiring new customers and another Ad spending was focused to increase sales. The good conversion was nicely done by highly creative A+ content and Listing copy.


Years of experience


Builder of the year

Sales increasing Graph on Amazon Ads console
Facts of Brand in %


Increase in total sales


ACOS maintained


Months Timeframe


generated from Ads

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