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How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day

What is Prime Day on Amazon?

One of the most incredible shopping days of the year is Amazon Prime Day, which takes place in the middle of July every year. Established in 2015 to celebrate Amazon’s 20th anniversary, this sale gives Prime members access to exclusive offers and discounts on a variety of items. Prime Day has swiftly expanded over the years to become one of the most looked-forward-to shopping days, with consumers participating worldwide.

From tech lovers shopping for the newest devices to fashionistas looking for the biggest discounts on apparel and accessories, Prime Day has something for everyone. Customers may enjoy incredible value on thousands of products from well-known companies like Apple, Samsung, and Nike with discounts that are even greater than those offered on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, customers must move quickly if they want to take advantage of lightning offers, which offer exceptional discounts for just a brief time.

Want to be prepared for Amazon Prime Day 2023?

Don’t worry, we have got your back

Prime Day is considered one of the biggest sales days for Amazon. In 2022, nearly 1.5 million sellers participated in the Prime Day event, which was held on 12 July. On this day, Amazon estimated around $12 Billion in revenue, which shows why Prime Day is essential for both Amazon sellers and shoppers.  

Sellers may make use of this day to improve sales and enhance profits with this one-day event by taking advantage of the increased traffic on this day. Prime subscribers may also shop the Prime Day bargains to get incredible savings and flash specials on their preferred goods. 

A unique two-day shopping event for Amazon Prime members is called Amazon prime day.  Prime members may purchase anything from Amazon during this time and save a ton of money.

Amazon Prime Day is open to everyone. Additionally, it aids Amazon merchants in increasing their earnings during this two-days event. If you’re an Amazon merchant, you may use this occasion to increase your sales. To avoid having to manage things quickly on the day of the event, you must prepare for it in advance.

Preparation of the Seller for Amazon Prime Day

You may use these suggestions as an Amazon merchant to prepare for Amazon Prime Day.

Select the Proper Item for Sale

Amazon retailers have a great chance during Prime Day. Therefore, you shouldn’t emphasize items that are suffering or progressing slowly. On this significant day, strive to highlight your best-selling items instead. Products with the highest-selling ASINs will have a higher likelihood of a sale and ROI

The goal of Prime Day is to move as much of your goods as you can. As a result, you may also offer your goods as a set with an alluring price. You can actually do that with your sluggish inventory. Offering a sizable discount on your stale goods can draw customers.

Predictions of inventory levels

Amazon retailers have a great chance during Prime Day. Running out of stock is the last thing you want for your business as an Amazon seller. You may lose your overall and best-selling ranking if you are out of stock. You don’t want to deplete your inventory during Prime Day since it might take days or weeks to restock it again. Prepare and plan your inventory based on the goods you plan to showcase. 

The easiest strategy to forecast inventory is to keep an eye on your sell-through rates and inventory levels. You may check out our “Amazon Inventory Management” tutorial to manage your inventory like an expert if you are still having trouble.

Take Advantage of SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime)

What might be a better solution than Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) if you are getting ready for Amazon Prime Day? SFP is a freshly launched Prime program from Amazon that enables you to ship your items from your own warehouse directly to nearby Prime users. 

SFP is similar to the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program and supports both FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) and FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) businesses. You may deliver your goods within two days to domestic Prime consumers by wearing a Prime badge, regardless of whether you are an FBA or FBM seller. The nicest aspect of the SFP program is that there are no up-front costs associated with using it. To be added to the queue, you must register.

Provide several ways to save

On Prime Day, Amazon Prime members anticipate fantastic sales and promotions. If you just offer them a 5% reduction off the regular price, they won’t be pleased. Therefore, it is preferable to make a listing with exclusive offers. You might attempt the following alternatives to provide several methods to save on this significant day.

Amazon Coupons:

To create coupons for your items, visit Amazon Coupons on your Seller Central account. Amazon costs $0.60 per coupon. The voucher will appear in a vivid green tag next to your specified price when a buyer views your product page.

Lightning Deals:

This is a momentary sale that vendors run. By flashing the number of goods they have remaining in their inventory, FBA sellers may apply for lightning offers. For instance, you might tag anything with “Hurry up! Set a timer for the sale or say, “Only 60 goods remaining. Customers are immediately drawn to lightning bargains, and these kinds of tags push them to make a purchase as soon as possible.

Change the listing price:

This tool allows you to easily reduce your rates from your listing. Although Amazon does not advise it, you can drop your pricing on significant sale days like Prime Day or Black Friday.

Steer clear of using the same products as your rival.

Avoid highlighting the same items as your competitors on Prime Day if you want to outperform them. If you list the same goods on Prime Day, it might lead to unneeded rivalry and diverted customer focus. 

Make sure you are not prepared to feature identical items as your rivals by doing some research on them. Get the attention of potential buyers by showcasing unusual items with fantastic offers.

Audit Your Listings

You cannot afford to have important details in your product listings on Prime Day be absent. It would be challenging to handle on the same day if you forget to include any important information in any of your postings. Customers will immediately search for your alternative if they don’t receive what they anticipated. 

Therefore, be sure to thoroughly inspect your listings and fill in the blanks as needed. Make sure all of the titles, photos, bullet points, descriptions, and other elements of your listing are optimized. Use the split-testing feature if you have a brand registry on Amazon to determine whether or not your content is A+.

Automate Requests for Reviews

A new program from Amazon called Early Reviewer encourages users to provide reviews after making a purchase. From your Seller Central, you may enable the Request a Review button. It will enable you to get more positive client feedback. Additionally, it will raise the rating of your listings. 

Customers will be motivated to buy your items on Prime Day without second thoughts if you have superior product ratings. 

When you’re ready for Amazon Prime Day, remember to employ the sophisticated information and metrics available in Amazon Seller Central. You can keep tabs on your sales in real-time with these tools.

Prime Day 2023. People are holding prime day boxes

Preparedness of Consumers for Amazon Prime Day

Both retailers and consumers benefit from Prime Day. You should also be ready if you want to shop. 

Here’s how you can prepare as an Amazon Prime Day customer.

Become a Prime Member:

As a buyer, the first thing you should do is sign up for Amazon Prime as soon as you can. Prime Day is only open to Prime members, so if you aren’t one you won’t be able to take part in it at all.

Look at the Prime Day Page:

You must often check the Prime Day Page for changes and date announcements.

View the Best Sellers list:

The top sellers from the last Prime Day sale are available for viewing. It makes it simple for you to discover the goods that the forthcoming Prime Day has the finest offers on.

Explore Upcoming offers:

A few days before the event, Amazon posts a list of the offers that will be available. Check out those offers, then on your favorite offer, click Watch this deal to enable push alerts for the offer. You will be informed on Prime Day five minutes before the deal goes live.

Save Big with Lightning bargains:

Only Prime Day offers lightning bargains. Make careful to purchase as soon as you add the items to your cart because these discounts have a short window of opportunity. When several consumers add lightning deals to their shopping carts, the offer may display “Join Waitlist” next to it. When a sale alert appears on your Amazon website, you may sign up for the waitlist and buy the item when it becomes available.


How to Get Ready for Prime Day on Amazon (2023)

One of the largest shopping days worldwide is Amazon Prime Day. No matter the size or type of organization, it offers enormous opportunities. The traffic increases significantly during this two-day event. You can benefit from this traffic by providing amazing bargains to Amazon Prime customers, which will boost your sales and search engine rankings. 

Therefore, whether you are a merchant or a customer, Prime Day offers a benefit to both parties. So that you don’t miss anything on the big day of the sale, get ready in advance.

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