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How to Get Amazon Best Seller Badge

Standing out in a crowd always feels special. Whether it is in profession, academics or sports. It makes you popular amongst people and you are liked by them. Just like that, you can also attract attention on Amazon by introducing a product that stands out from the rest or get a special badge.

You will often hear that “getting the best seller badge on amazon is like reaching the top of mount Everest.” We assure you that it is not!! It’s difficult, but not impossible.

With the right techniques and selling the greatest number of products within your niche will get you the most sought after “Best Seller” badge. The A9 algorithm of Amazon does not specify the details which makes a certain product a “Best Seller”, but it is directly related with number of sales and consistency plays a vital role in determining the performance of a certain product.

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What is Amazon Best Seller Badge?

To make it clear in simple words, Amazon Best Seller Badge is granted to the product with the greatest number of sales and is purely based on the number of sales. Each category of Amazon, ranging from electronics to pet food, contains a best seller underneath it.

It is an orange ribbon that appears on the top left corner of the product page or on the actual listing of the product. Back in the times, it was awarded to only one seller in a particular niche but nowadays, since the saturation of sellers on Amazon, it is granted to the top best 100 sellers in each product type.

Although there are still some categories that do not offer the best seller badge because of little or almost no competition in it.

It updates every hour, the A9 algorithm of Amazon makes sure of it. So, it will require consistency and maintaining your product page to remain in the top 100. Earning the best seller badge means that you have earned the trust of Amazon. It will not only make you a reliable and trustworthy seller in the eyes of people but will also help in increasing your revenue of course.

Mentioned below are some of the ways to help you remain consistent and earn the best seller’s badge.

How to Earn the Best Seller Badge:

The requirements for earning a best seller badge include everything from an outstanding image stack to the highest standards of customer service. The sales you need to earn the badge can be influenced by things like reviews even though they are not directly determined by them. The key to optimizing your listing is to make sure that every part is optimized.

1: Product Optimization is the Key:

Keyword research plays a vital role in your product optimization. You will be able to better understand your shoppers’ behavior this way. Your keywords need to match up with what your customers are searching for in order to grow your ecommerce sales.

The easiest way to find keywords related to your product is to visit the site of Amazon and typing a few keywords of your product in the search bar. Amazon will let you see some other keywords which you can use in the listing of your product.

Free keyword tools like Word Stream and Google keyword planner can help you identify certain keywords for your product, but they would not be very Amazon Specific. However, there are some authentic and best sites like SEMrush, KWfinder, and SellerApps’s that you should use to get the accurate results for your product listing. 

Optimizing your backend keywords is the second part of the process. In this section, we include all keywords with average relevance, misspellings, and keywords related to brands. The keywords should not be repeated nor separated by spaces or commas.

2: Choosing the Right Category:

Have you ever heard about the “Butterfly Effect”? It is a series of effects in which a small detail in start can impact the result greatly in the longer run. Let’s assume that you have failed to categorize your product in the most relevant or appropriate category which will result in a tough time for buyers to find your product.

As a result of not finding your product, they will never be able to buy your product. Once they cannot buy them, you will not be able to sell your product or make profit, let alone earning the best seller badge. This “Butterfly Effect” can easily be dodged by making sure and doing extensive research on the product’s category before you categorize your product. 

Amazon’s Overview of categories page is a good place to check your product’s classification. On this page, you will find out what types of categories are available as well as the product conditions that are acceptable for listing on the platform. Amazon’s BTG can help you in classifying your product properly. 

In order to capture more sales without having to do additional work, you might also want to consider changing your subcategory to one that is similar but less competitive.

3: Promoting Your Product:

As it is often said, “Good marketing makes the company look smart.” Promoting your product is as important as optimizing it if you want to earn the best seller’s badge. You need to be consistent in promotions and hold them regularly. 

Everyone loves a good discount or deal. It could help to boost your sales volume if you have coupons or promo codes, which can help you to rise to the top of Amazon’s ecommerce rankings. 

You can boost your sales and organic ranking with Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns. A PPC campaign would be a great asset if you sell in highly competitive niches or saturated categories. Every top brand runs PPC campaigns to make sure their ranking remains on the top. It’s easy for a competitor running PPC campaigns to outrank your product rankings and sales, even if yours have high rankings.

For increased sales, you shouldn’t outprice your competition, but rather, reduce your price. It is still important to maintain the Minimum Advertised Price, as any deviation can lead to fall in prices and a battle for the buy box for your product. The practice should, however, only be temporary. Your overall profit margin can be negatively affected by lowering your prices too much for too long.

4: Knowing Your Competition:

You would be competing with a lot of sellers once you dive deep in the world of Amazon as a newbie. It’s often advised to find a product that does not have a lot of competition so you could earn profit. But if you are confident about the reliability and success of your product, you can also opt to challenge some big fishes.    

It is important to understand that you are not just competing with other sellers but with Amazon as well. 

Due to the size of the marketplace, competing with Amazon rarely yields a win, unlike competing with other sellers. Amazon’s private label brands are likely to feature the Best Seller badge if you look for them. It’s a great opportunity to win that badge if Amazon doesn’t offer a private label in a category where you have an offering.

Which badge is better. Best Seller or Amazon's choice

Best Seller Badge vs Amazon’s Choice Badge:

Both of these badges will work as a charm for your product. You can attract a lot of customers and make profit by displaying any of these two badges as a badge of honor. What is important is to realize the difference between them.

The Prime badge, as mentioned earlier, is given to products in a category that have sold the most units per hour, whereas the Best Seller badge is based on SEO and given to products that are the best match for a particular keyword. 

The reward of earning a Best Seller badge is worth the effort it takes, but it is more challenging than earning Amazon’s Choice.

Final Thoughts:

It can be a pretty difficult task to earn an Amazon Best Seller Badge, but once you have achieved this feat, you will reap the fruits of your hard work and would work even harder to maintain your position because of the perks that come alongside the badge.

This badge can help you increase the traffic on your site and would also increase the profit margin. It will also increase the legitimacy of your product. You can make an informed decision based on Amazon’s endorsement of your product. Your brand will become more loyal as a result. In addition to being an indicator of a product’s quality and popularity, it also serves as a proof of its sales.

Just make sure that you are following the above-mentioned steps and plans properly alongside being consistent and you are GOOD TO GO!!

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