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A9 Search Engine SEO Optimization

The vital thing in Amazon Business is to make sure you are found by your Potential buyers on Amazon which can be done by SEO without any cost. Doing advertising can give you a huge boost in Traffic but it requires money and it will be stopped as soon as you stopped paying for them. What left is your organic placements so you have to make sure you have some good organic placement. A9 algorithm can place you in good positions organically.

Drive More sales by Optimized Copy written for Actual Customers

After Doing Proper SEO, you need to persuade your target Audience to throw their money for our Product (not Competitor’s LOL).
That’s where WSA came in!
Our Top-Notch Copywriters made the best optimization process that beat the “Amazon Algos” for SEO. With their Art of persuasion in their copywriting they draft out the best possible Listing that rank and convert!!!


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Tech Savvy Us

Advance knowledge and techniques to dig out the customers’ Search terms by using the latest tools like Helium 10, Brand Analytics, and much more

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Not everyone understands Amazon Algorithm working but our experts really know A9. They keep an eye on every update of algorithm and make listing winds organic positions


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SEO, An Underrated Skill

Right placement of Keywords to get make the most of it is so underrated skill. We really know this skill

We understand your product and copywriting puts on SEO search pages.

We understand your Products

Our method is to take a full 360° approach to understand your Brand and products from all possible angles.

"So far, WSA has been a good experience for me. The project managers have been nothing short of amazing throughout this process. The services that helped my brand become so well-known in my niche were good. Working with these amazing people is something I wholeheartedly recommend to everyone assigned to this company because they communicated so well the entire time."

Audrey ByrnePHI VILLA

Market Research

We begin by analyzing your market and top direct competitors, identifying gaps in their SEO Strategies and transforming them into a competitive advantage for your brand!

We use few Advanced, methodical and systematic process to identify the most relevant keywords and phrases that drive convertible traffic to your page and determining best placement into your copy for best indexing, leaving no stone unturned!

End to End Optimized Listing

Comprehensive data from our Market Research process, Our Copywriter then rides this ship. We create a keyword-rich (but not stuffed) product title, description, and bullet points designed to appeal to both your human audience and Amazon’s A9 algorithm.
This is not just it, End to End means Backend also and our Listing Engineers makes the finest and concise Search terms that past the Amazon Algorithm for best Indexing Possible!


We also help you in compiling results and metrics like sales and Conversion rate to track the Improvement that is after all you want and we are not shy in sharing that and get in front line.

Just let us know and our Data Engineer will do all the work to track the outcome of your money!!!

How this works ?


Brainstorming Call

Let us know your requirements and we will communicate with our Listing Specialists

Work In Progress

Our Listing Engineers will follow our process and carved out the best outcome for you

Delivery and Tracking

We will be delivering your Listing in the decided time and if you want us to track our Data Engineers are happy to help you guys in tracking and compiling a comprehensible readable report for you!
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SEO Research and
Copy Optimization PackageEND TO END

$ 995

Per Month
  • In-Depth Keyword Research
  • 24/7 Competitive Analysis
  • Backend Optimized Search Terms Recommendations
  • SEO & Conversion-Optimized Description
  • Benefit-Driven Bullet Points
  • Keyword-Rich Product Title

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