Your PPC Ads strategy plays a vital role in your growth of business – On Amazon, PPC has been very important recently and a huge headache for those who don’t know what they are doing – but not for WSA!
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"We have launched a new Amazon online store. I was looking for an expert in Amazon Ads. I started working with them, and they help me swiftly rank my brand on Amazon while also assisting with inventory management. Regards, Sir. Keep going"

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Is Amazon taking over the world?

Yes because Amazon is one of the Greatest eCommerce platforms and a major source of new customers for your brand. Amazon is like an forest of Customer data so by advertising on the platform you are getting the data benefits. The Problem is you still have to fight to get the Customer’s attention and it’s not an easy war, but don’t be stressed.

We got You!

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These PPC ad placements include the Search Engine Result page and prominent placements on the product details page. Target your relevant Audience based on shopping history and you can also target specific Products related to your niche.



These PPC ads are banner and video ads to feature your brand logo, your headline, and multiple products from your store. The main aim is to help discovery of your brand to your potential customers.



These PPC ads help to reach relevant and specific audiences and Products (Own and Competitors) across the Amazon search results.


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Lower the ACOS – Increase the Profits

It all starts with optimizing your PPC campaigns to cut out wasted ad spending so your budget can go further. That’s more money we can use to reach new audiences, drive sales, and ultimately, help you dominate your category on Amazon.


Want to steal market share from your toughest competitors? We can do that! Through our competitive research process, we uncover gaps in your competitors’ PPC strategy. Through product and keyword targeting, we’ll drive customers away from your competitors and to your listings instead!

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Cutting wasted ad spend is great. Putting those dollars back to work for your business is even better. We’ll optimize your PPC ad campaigns and develop a winning strategy to reach relevant shoppers, drive more sales, and put more money into your bank account.

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Make sure your brand is always top-of-mind and top-of-page. We’ll deploy Sponsored Brand Ads to drive discovery, and increase visibility and awareness. We will expand your audience to make sure your brand is the first one that comes to mind when shoppers pull out their credit cards.

Avg PPC Sales Increases
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The Difference

“WSA, being a PPC agency with real experts, is always ahead of the game. They know what’s coming. They know the new tools that Amazon is adding to PPC before they’re launched, and so they know what to expect…
For me personally, at the beginning of this year, Amazon added new features…and I think hundreds, if not thousands, of sellers lost a lot of money because they tried out this new feature. Whereas WSA knew its potential and its dangers, and they immediately protected our account from that fallout.”

How WHITE SNOW ADs is Different?

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High-Tech Bodies

Our advertising experts leverage industry-leading tools most of them paid that give them hidden insights. It will ultimately give you a competitive advantage over the competition.



Campaigns Engineer

Proper segmentation gives you an advanced view of your campaigns and we are the engineer of this. With proper segmentation, you can harvest, scale, and do bids adjustments in real-time

All in one!

We help your business succeed by maximizing your advertising ROI through a variety of strategies. It will include paid search ads, display ads, brand ads, and more!


Our Experts leverage industry-leading tools which are mostly paid. These tools give them hidden insights ultimately giving you a competitive advantage over the competition.


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